Sign Language by Kathy

Assabet After Dark

American Sign Language (ASL) Basics
Sign language is a beautiful and expressive form of communication and is
one of the most common languages in America. Simple conversations, use
of body language and role playing will prepare you for the more complex
grammar used in ASL. Through a variety of activities and assignments, you
will discuss topics about the deaf community, culture, and history.
Required textbook information will be a link in your confirmation email.
10 Thursdays • 6:30 – 8:30pm • Sept. 9 – Dec. 2 • $199
(No class Sept. 23, Nov. 11 & 25)
LA01-F21 Instructor: Kathy Romeo

Sign Language by Kathy

Our New Website

deaf workplace education

We’re going to put copy here, I’m just testing the spot right now…

Sign Language by Kathy

Welcome to my website blog

I will be doing weekly blogs within my website. Will be filled stories and factual information

as well as

Hi to my audience

Funny story, it is mine. Over 20 something years ago a friend and I went to a Halloween party. A guy came to ask “What do deaf people eat?” because it was such a dumb question I said we eat Earth worms.  Not sure if the guy thinks I am serious or joking. He walked away and not laughing.